The presence of metal beneath his hands; once cold steel that had since been warmed by the constant pressure of his hands. The wheels no longer move silently, but squeak with each movement. He has been in this chair for too long.

                The accident had destroyed his legs. They told him that his body would heal, but he didn’t believe them. He would never run again.

                Hot, hard, unrelenting pavement will never again pound beneath his feet. He will no longer feel his heart beat against his chest, proving he was a champion, proving he was alive. It was all a memory.

                As he rose slowly to the roof, the hum of the elevator, as it inched toward its destination, only palpitated his fear. It was only grim determination that moved him forward.

                He wheeled to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was only 30 floors between him and his final race. It took decades to rise, but would only take seconds to fall. He had to use his arms to pull himself forward to sit on the ledge.

                One final look at the wheelchair that had kept him caged for years, and he was plunging through the air.

                It was in that final moment when he felt his arms and legs began to flail, his legs; that panic consumed him. And he realized….he wasn’t afraid of falling after all.

(Freefall was written and is owned by me. I reserve all rights to this work.)



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